Robin Florentine


Owner/Director - Gallery Barre, Llc.

BFA / Dance & MA Ed.

Having been in the dance/fitness industry for 30+ years, I am passionate about the importance of movement -specifically dance-inspired movement! Growing up as a dancer/athlete, I have a passion for living a healthy & fit lifestyle and sharing with others how to do the same.


Over the past years I have been running around to various health & fitness facilities in New York & New Jersey...until the desire to open my own studio hit me hard! Passion + a strong desire = Gallery Barre!

I also have a passionate connection to North Jersey School of Dance Arts here in Hackettstown, NJ. I was privileged to have been under the tutelage of Christine Melgar Taylor (former owner/direct of NJSDA) from a very young age all the way through college for my ballet training and Carolyn Dorfman (Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company (NY) / CDDC) for my modern technique studies.


I taught at NJSDA for 10+ years - and at times continue to help out when I can be of assistance to Ashley Freyer & Alexandra Thorpe - the new owners/directors and former dance students of mine!

I currently also teach Yoga/Pilates at Centenary University (one of my Alma Maters) as part of the Student Activities Center.

I am a Level I & Master Teacher Trainer for The BeyondBarre Method, teaching classes and conducting teacher training with owner & creator of the BeyondBarre Method - Colleen Ketchum.

Barre has been my longtime passion! BeyondBarre is designed with the simplicity to be performed with only a ballet barre (or chair if you are at home) and can be enhanced with weights, balls, resistance bands and the ice-skating inspired BeyondBarre GlideBoard (or discs). BeyondBarre is the unique body transforming workout!

I received my Pilates Mat/Props certification through Power Pilates,NYC and my Yoga certification through Yoga Ed. I also hold a Vocational Arts & Dance Certification and  Elementary Education Teacher Certification. Currently, I also teach 5th grade science @ Mansfield Township Elementary School.

Mikki Antley

Pilates & Beyond Barre

Having studied dance and movement for my entire life, I am passionate about helping others keep their bodies conditioned for ease of movement in everyday life! Pilates develops the body uniformly, helping to correct posture and restore energy. I hold a BA in Dance from Point Park College, MS Exercise Physiology Queens College, and an MS Physical Therapy Columbia University. I am a certified Pilates Instructor by the Pilates Institute of America and a Certified Rehab Pilates Specialist by Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute.


I have been teaching Pilates for 11+ years, specializing in Mat Pilates with/without props for all levels of experience; and Pilates for Rehabilitation. 

Madelyn Vanko

Beyond Barre

Madelyn’s love for the barre began way back at the age of three when she was first introduced to ballet and thus began decades of intense competitive dance and training. Her love for the barre furthered when she was given a free pass by a friend to try a barre class. She soon discovered that this method of working out combined the two things that she loves most, ballet and exercise. Immediately hooked, she began attending barre classes weekly, several times per week for several years. Her passion has taken her to new heights of wanting to help and inspire others to achieve their goals of wellness through ballet and exercise. All of her classes are multilevel, inviting those of all ages and fitness levels. Modifications and challenges for every exercise are offered in every class so that each member of her class can attain their optimal workout.

Arti Mathuri


Arti Mathur has been a lover of life and a true yogini since birth. All of her cumulative experience has helped her to find her purpose and passion of being a yoga instructor and wellness coach. As a compassionate, eager and loving Indian woman, she was always intrigued to learn more about her heritage as she grew up here in the U.S.  Through this search she continues to learn more about herself and yoga deepens her journey in profound ways.  She’s been dedicated to holistic health and wellness for well over a decade; researching and eating for balance and enjoying workouts. She became a fitness trainer in 2011 and has received a double certification as a yoga instructor.  Prior to this, she taught ballroom dance and preschool.  A true teacher at heart!

Arti’s mission is to inspire others to live more mindfully and to encourage them to know that they already embody exactly what they think they need from the outside world.  She believes asana practice is one integral avenue to connect to your higher wisdom and it’s her honor to guide you on a journey there through her classes. 

Stan started his journey into Tai Chi and Qigong in 1994 under the tutelage of !0 th Degree Grandmaster
Tom Sulick, a 35 year long Tai Kwon Do, Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga practitioner. Stan studied with Sensei
Tom for nearly 10 years of mostly one on one training sessions.
In the years following, Stan has continued to self-study, experiment, refine and of course, continue to
take courses to enhance his understanding and improve his skills. Since 2010, Stan had turned his focus
to Qigong and has grown to love this art over that of Tai Chi. Why? As he like to say, “I get more benefit
from it, both physically and mentally”. He also says that his students find Qigong easier to learn and feel
benefits from, and after all, feeling better is what it is all about.
Stan began teaching as a career in 2006 and it is his passion. With over 3500 hours of teaching, he is
certified by the American Tai Chi and Qigong association as a level 2 instructor as well as holding
certification in Tai Chi for Arthritis.
You can read more from Stan on at and his website: 

Kat & Charles Horvath


Tai chi, Yang style is being offered at 11 am Saturday mornings. This traditional martial art and moving meditation improve balance, strength, flexibility, and concentration. Instructors Kat and Charles Horvath have practiced for 25 years and were students of the renowned Master Yu Cheng Hsiang. Learn the 108 posture, long-form while experiencing the joy of movement, philosophy, and health benefits of this beautiful Chinese tradition 
Fwd: Whoops, change that last word TRADITION to EXERCISE. I think it's more in keeping with your studio. I should have flyers with photos by the end of the month.

 Carola Gremlich​​

Belly Dancing/Zumba

Carola, or Cookie, has been a Zumba instructor for over 10 years. She has also been a belly dancing for even longer. Cookie has danced with two well-known belly dance troops in Northern  New Jersey and was honored to perform in Carnegie Hall with Dena and the Shazhadi Dance Project. If she’s not moving to Latin beats or shimmying, Cookie is enjoying taking tap and hip hop classes. She believes that sometimes working out and dancing can be the best part of someone’s day. Dance and fitness are as much about the individual as they are about community and friendships. If you join her for a class you will have fun, break a sweat and smile! 


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